Facilitation, Training, HR and Hospitality Advisory services for Caribbean-based organisations

our ingeniares analyse existing business situations, diagnose issues and design appropriate hr & hospitality advice and training for Caribbean companies

ingeniare (latin)- to design or devise
Caribbean HR Focused Interventions

Focused HR Interventions

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all approach”. Our speciality: HR & Hospitality advice & training for Caribbean companies.

Whether your project involves HR issues, organisational development, Hospitality operational improvements or employee culture our initial approach is to discover your end goal. We then work on customised interventions to help you to achieve it.

What We Do

Training Barbados and Caribbean

We design training courses with adult learners in mind. We know that adults have a choice when it comes to learning new things so we create inclusive, supportive training spaces to help participants feel more open to learning. We always sprinkle some fun throughout our sessions and keep them as interactive and “hands on” as possible.

Meeting facilitation Barbados and Caribbean

We work with you to design meetings and we incorporate tactile and visual methodologies to unlock a higher level of innovation and creativity. As facilitators we assist you in reaching your goals through increased participation, more effective group conversations and by applying various techniques to help to reach consensus.

HR advice Barbados

We facilitate the development of standard operating procedures and unique brand standards for hospitality. We also conduct customer service audits and provide reports to identify training needs. We provide advice and facilitation of work permit applications (Barbados only) to ensure that all legal requirements are satisfied.

Our team


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Let’s talk

We are happy to schedule time to answer any questions and to discuss your business needs with you.

Why You’ll Enjoy Working With Us

We have lots of experience providing HR & Hospitality advice & training for Caribbean companies.

We have first-hand experience working with Caribbean businesses, Caribbean customers and Caribbean employees and we have achieved positive results for satisfied customers. We bring a varied range of skills and working experience to best tackle your issues.

  • Meeting Design & Group Facilitation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospitality Operations
  • Course Design, Training & Assessment for Adult Learners
  • Project Management
  • Social and Workplace Etiquette