Hospitality Training Services

Make every guest a repeat guest by consistently delivering outstanding service.

We bring the training to you, and tailor workshops to suit your specific needs. Participants are trained on-site, in how to apply processes and standards to deliver your unique brand promise to your guests. Training is designed and facilitated by experienced hospitality professionals. Our trainers have been providing training services for over 20 years.

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Luxury Villa Teams

Comprehensive programs for all positions in the villa household.

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Customised on-site training for butlers in resorts, hotels and luxury villas.

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Rooms and public area skills training for housekeeping teams.

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Food & Beverage

Food service skills training for servers, hostesses and supervisors.

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Our hospitality training is tailored for each organisation, to ensure that learners receive a targeted program to built around your objectives. 

Hospitality skills training should be practical, and allow learners to practice their skills in a safe space.  We specialize in design and facilitation of training that is hands-on, and we create an environment conducive to learning.  At the end of training, learners have gained a level of confidence making them more inclined to apply new skills. 

We bring skills training to you and your teams wherever you are, and some of our services, such as Everything DiSC assessments are available online. Reach out today to discuss how we can help you elevate guest service.

Everything DiSC Assessments

Everything DiSC Profiles and Training Programs provide participants with personal insights using the DiSC model.  Learners use these insights to develop themselves and to improve the way they interact with others.

The Suite of assessments, and training programs can address issues in communication, teamwork, front-line management, leadership and sales.

Profile reports from the assessments can be used as a stand-alone learning tool or as part of a classroom-style training workshop.


Leadership Development

Leaders in hospitality environments have a very important role to play in the guest experience.  Not only are they usually a key point of interaction with guests, but they also influence how their teams respond to guests. 

We offer programs for emerging leaders, new leaders and experienced leaders at all levels of your organisation.  In addition, we provide instruments for capturing feedback and assessing how well each leader is performing in their given role.  


Guest Impression Audits

Our service audits provide a snapshot of what your guests are experiencing. We audit service and brand standards through the eyes of a guest.  Audit reports highlight consistencies, as well as deficiencies that can be addressed with appropriate training and coaching.

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Available for restaurants, hotels and villas

Brand Standard Development

We work with you to develop unique standards that are a match for your desired brand identity. We document these standards, and provide relevant training for employees to consistently deliver these standards.                

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Available for restaurants, hotels and villas

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