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Positive Workplace Culture 

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We provide tools and services to foster positive workplace cultures and facilitate growth for individuals and teams. 

Talent Development

We offer a range of options for individual and group development.


Authorized partner for Everything DiSC® Application Suite.

Feedback Instruments

Competency based tools to provide real insights on performance.


Meeting facilitation, HR & Hospitality advisory services.


Everything DiSC® The Culture Catalyst™

94% Global Satisfaction Rating!

This assessment-based learning experience deepens self-awareness and inspires appreciation for similarities and differences in others, fostering effective collaboration in the workplace. Powered by Wiley, Everything DiSC® is fueled by over 40+ years of assessment-backed expertise and 200+ years of publishing excellence. 

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Strong Impactful Leaders

An organisation thrives when great leaders are at the helm to inspire, motivate, direct and empower.

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Strengthen Your Leadership Capacity

Explore leadership development
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Confident Skilled Employees

Employees represent your brand with every decision they make, every interaction they have and every action they perform.


Training that is hands-on, experiential, interactive and memorable.  Lecturing is for listeners… our aim is to create deep learning experiences for effective transfer of learning.  

Hospitality Skills Training

Training for Supervisors, Butlers, and Teams working in Food & Beverage, Front of House and Housekeeping.

Service Excellence Training

Service excellence training workshops for Customer Facing Teams to help them embrace their roles as Brand Ambassadors,

Team Building Workshops

We use hands-on learning techniques, and reflection, to foster collaboration, engagement and trust among participants.  

Custom Training Programs

We can tailor design to meet your needs and incorporate assessment-based tools for personal insights.

Empower Your Teams to Deliver Your Brand Promise

Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture can be influenced positively or negatively by Purpose, People, Priorities, Processes and Practices. 

Benefits of Great Culture


Attract high calibre candidates


Retain your most talented people 


Build employee engagement


Great customer experiences

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Consulting Services

We facilitate retreats, meetings and focus groups.  We help employers align with HR practices that foster employee engagement and productivity.  We also advise on employment compliance requirements for Employers located in Barbados, based on legislation, and local customs and practices.   

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HR Advisory Services

Meeting Design and Facilitation

Work Permit Applications

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About Us

Business Ingeniares Ltd is a small, agile consulting company, located in Barbados. Most of our services can be delivered virtually, and are available globally, and we travel to clients located outside of Barbados.  We offer facilitation, training and HR advisory services to help you achieve the results you are seeking. We specialise in skills training for the Hospitality Industry including Luxury Villas. We also provide access to Everything DiSC products as an authorized provider, and we offer customised training for organisations, to develop skills in customer service, supervisory management, leadership, prevention of sexual harassment and more.

For Caribbean Clients, we bring both international and regional perspectives with us, acquired through our work history and experience. This is reflected in our training design, and interaction with your teams, resulting in higher levels of engagement and applicable training content.

Audra Stevenson Drakes Lead Ingeniare | Facilitator

Audra has gained significant practical experience in diverse fields throughout her career. Originally educated as a Physicist, her career has woven together skills in Executive Leadership, Human Resources, Project Management, Facilitation, Training, Hotel Management and Engineering. She specializes in Process Design for Meetings; Design and Facilitation of Training and Human Resources Advisory Services.


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Creative approaches for results-oriented outcomes

You can improve employee productivity, leadership impact and improve business results.  

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