The Service Excellence Series of Workshops is suitable for all employees, front or heart of house, working in the hospitality industry.

Training your employees directly impacts your bottom line because it provides your decision makers and customer representatives with the confidence and skills they need to best represent your brand. Your employees are the ones delivering the promises, products and services to your customers and therefore have a big impact on your reputation and brand.

Guest Service Workshops

Hospitality that Engages Series

Course Delivery

Virtual or In-Person
Interactive Workshops
Experiential Learning

Course Content

Customised to your organisation
Case-studies and scenarios
Updated to the current environment

Workshop Length

6 hours of training for each workshop
Virtual: 3 two-hour session OR
In-Person: 2 half-day sessions

Four Workshops

Each focused on a different aspect of Guest Service

We design for “experiential learning” with a large proportion of practical elements to ensure that participants have enough opportunities to discuss and apply concepts and to practice new skills. Experiential learning allows participants to effectively “learn by doing” and to encourage reflection which aids in the development of new skills, attitudes, or ways of thinking.

Brand Assurance

Deliver Brand Promises

Help participants to better understand the most critical aspects impacting brand recognition and customer satisfaction.  This workshop will also help participants to better understand the influence of individual performance on brand delivery and company reputation.  

Fundamentals of Service

Define Service Expectations

Transform customer experiences by focusing on the fundamentals of customer service and how service connects to standards and customer expectations.

Guest Essentials

Build better relationships

This workshop will assist participants in recognising unique customer preferences in order to develop more meaningful customer encounters.  It will also provide scenarios and techniques for resolving customer issues and recovering from customer complaints and negative customer experiences.

Delivering Guest Satisfaction

Create Memorable Experiences

This workshop will provide participants with the key elements of customer service to ensure consistent delivery of personal and memorable customer experiences