what we offer

Feedback surveys available via an online Platform and provide you with a wide range of options for deployment and analysis. the platform is designed to bring powerful and actionable insights to individuals, leaders, and coaches.
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standard AND CUSTOMISED assessments

Select the desired format for your survey, including 360, 180 and self-assessment. We can use your competencies and survey items, where you define key survey attributes such as rating scale, language, respondent groups, and question type. OR We can assist you with development of the right tool to capture the desired information.

mobile deployment

The platform makes it simple and easy to encourage completion of surveys. Feedback can be captured on desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Assessments are laid out in a simple and intuitive format.


With the online platform, we can customize all emails within the system including survey invitations and reminders. We can schedule specific dates for start surveys, schedule follow up reminders and set how and when reports will be released. We can also set minimum numbers for respondent groups to ensure anonymity, and the integrity of the survey is maintained.

interactive custom reports

We can personalize reports by adding your own text, as well as choose from a range of different report attributes. If you have specific needs, we can also work with you to create customized reporting. The platform can also provide “at a glance” results including benchmarking, highest and lowest scores, areas of weakness and strengths, open ended questions etc.

range of analytics & Insights

With our reports, you can easily gain insight to survey completion levels, average scores by competency, group strengths by competency, group development priorities by competency and group competency gaps and more.