Leadership Development

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

—John C. Maxwell 

What we Bring

Remote Access

With busy schedules, and pandemic-era uncertainties, we provide options for in-person or virtual training, and mobile deployment of assessments.  This allows us to provide options for colleagues working irregular schedules, and colleagues located anywhere in the world, as individuals, or as a group, based in one place, or scattered in remote locations. 

A Complete Solution

We provide leadership development services for individuals and groups who may be experienced and inexperienced in their roles.  From the internationally validated Everything DiSC Suite for self-assessment and personal insight, to our feedback instruments for impact assessment, we have support tools for every segment of the journey.

Our leadership services can be delivered as part of your existing strategy, and we can also assist you in creating a wholistic program, combining serveral solutions, planned in conjunction with your team.  We customise all training options to ensure that they address identified training-gaps and fit organisational context.

Everything DiSC® Assessments

Many of these assessments are ideal for persons in leadership positions and can be a great developmental step for emerging leaders.

Existing Leaders:

Existing & Emerging Leaders:


We have group workshops available for in-person or online delivery to persons at all levels of leadership, in a number of categories:

  • Effective Leadership
  • Multidimentional Leadership
  • Work of Leaders-A Unified Approach to Vision, Alignment and Execution
  • Supervisory Management
  • HR Best Practices for Leaders
  • Coaching on the Job
  • Performance Management
  • Employment Compliance Requirements (Barbados)



Individual Development

Feedback sessions can be combined with Everything DiSC assessments, and online courses are also available for individual participants.  These are suitable for existing, and emerging leaders, and for hi-potential candidates.  Our self-paced courses can be customised and branded for your organisation.

  • Everything DiSC personal feedback sessions
  • Online, Self-paced courses



Train the Trainer 

Train the trainer workshops are available in a number of different areas to provide company and department trainers with the skills to facilitate learning.  Topics include:

  • Training On the Job Trainers
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Experiential Training Techniques
  • Using Training Aids
  • Basics of Training Design



Feedback Instruments

Use our instruments to assess technical and behavioural competencies or create your own specific survey to align with your organisation.  Feedback and interactive reports are provided using a secure online platform.  The platform can support 35 languages, and feedback can be combined across multiple languages to create unified feedback reports.

  • Leadership Impact Assessments
  • Performance Assessments
  • 360 Degree Feedback

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Strategic Planning 

Prepare and equip persons with the knowledge and skills to add value to strategic planning… before, during and after strategic planning meetings take place.

  • Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders 
  • The Work of Leaders Workshop
  • Elements of Strategic Planning
  • Visioning 



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