Everything DiSC® – The Culture Catalyst™

Everything DiSC® Application Suite of assessments: Everything DiSC Workplace®, Everything DiSC® Management, Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®, Everything DiSC® Sales. Catalyst learning experience via the Everything DiSC® on Catalyst Platform. As an Authorized Partner, we can provide you with access to assessments, reports, certification, facilitation kits, promotional items and books.
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training: WORKSHOPS & online COURSES

We can design and facilitate targeted training in workplace compliance and labour law (Barbados only), leadership, management, customer service, business etiquette & protocol and hospitality skills. We can also provide access to our suite of self-paced e-courses, or create customised courses that can be accessed through our Lead Caribbean Online learning platform.
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Build more effective teams through our range of activities for departments at all levels within your organisation. We can provide in-person or virtual workshops, retreats, team events and mobile, app-based, fun-filled adventures. Our interventions promote team-building and team-bonding and we can incorporate strategies to encourage problem solving and collaboration to increase productivity.


We can recommend tools to onboard new employees, measure and increase employee engagement, identify high potential employees, create effective succession management programmes, and conduct 360 degree assessments. We can also provide advisory services for change management, organisational development processes, strategic staffing and cultural change.
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hospitality advisory services

We can provide training programs in hospitality skills, and guest service for hotels and villas. We can also conduct quality assurance audits to identify gaps in service and best practices. Our services include brand standards development and documentation of standard operating procedures.

facilitation & GRAPHIC RECORDING services

We have highly experienced facilitators who can assist with the planning and facilitation of complex meetings. An external facilitator can significantly improve the outcome of strategic meetings and executive retreats. We can also provide customized visual templates and experiential activities to encourage lateral thinking. Graphic recording is available for in-person and virtual meetings. We can also plan and facilitate focus groups for market research purposes.

work permit services

Advice on the work permit process for employers who are considering hiring non-nationals to take up positions based in Barbados. We facilitate applications for long-term, short-term and CARICOM Skills permits.