Customised workshops delivered in-house for your teams

Personal and professional skills can help to form and break business relationships. Training your employees in business etiquette directly impacts your bottom line. It provides your decision makers and customer representatives with the confidence and skills they need to best represent your brand. We have a number of workshops that can benefit your team, customers and workplace.

Who can benefit?

  • New Employees
  • Salespersons
  • Customer Service Agents
  • Hospitality Practitioners
  • Retail Service Employees
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Senior Managers and Executives

Workshops Ready to Be Delivered

Business Ingeniares is pleased to offer the Corporate Etiquette and Protocol Training Series. Workshops and seminars have been designed for in-house delivery and can be customised to meet your unique needs. Courses can be delivered face to face to your team or virtually to individuals.

Workplace Etiquette Workshop

This course will provide information on corporate etiquette and protocol. It includes expectations for hosting customers and attending social functions

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Business Protocol Workshop

This course will create an awareness of appropriate business protocol for Barbados and the Caribbean.

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Dining Etiquette Workshop

This course will arm your employees with the tools that they need to confidently represent your organisation in social settings

Topics: Build your own workshop

Build your own workshop by combining any of the topics below:

International Protocols

Culture and customs from around the world and how this may affect etiquette and protocol. For those conducting business with international customers, clients and colleagues.

Business Correspondence

Guidelines for preparing written business correspondence in the form of letters, email and handwritten notes.

Professional Image & Attire

Review the basics of business attire, body language, gestures, posture, deportment, and the impact on authority and credibility.


Best practices for business communication via email, office telephones, smartphones, video-calls, conference calls and virtual meetings.


Review appropriate use of electronic communication at work, looking specifically at email, social media and use of the internet.

Meeting Etiquette

Best practices for efficient meetings, basic meeting protocol, roles and responsibilities, seating arrangements and codes of conduct for behaviour and decorum.

Stephne Goddard

Lead Facilitator

Stephne Goddard is a Hospitality and Tourism Training Consultant and Etiquette Expert with over twenty five years of experience. She is known in Barbados as the local “Miss Manners”, and is one of the island’s finest authority on Corporate and Social Etiquette.