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We start with diagnostic tools and effective process design to achieve desired outcomes. In the meeting space we apply a variety of facilitation techniques, and use visual and kinesthetic media to encourage full participation.

our approach

A facilitator’s role is to design and manage the process that will enable a group of people to reach a set of stated objectives. 

Our approach to facilitation begins with the initial consultation to determine the requirements for the meeting,  objectives, and potential challenges that could derail the meeting.  We use custom design questionnaires and surveys to support our consultation and design process. Our steps to facilitation:

  1. Initial consultation-Facilitator and client
  2. Process design-Facilitator
  3. Process design approval-Client
  4. Participant pre-work & completion of surveys-Client
  5. Meeting facilitation & Visual recording-Facilitator
  6. Meeting report-Facilitator

Throughout the process, we remain a neutral party in the proceedings.  Our only role is to provide and facilitate the process to help you meet your objectives.

Examples of meetings we facilitate

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Strategic Planning

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Team Retreats

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Change Management

Visual Note-Taking Services

Visual note-taking (also known as visual or graphic recording) services are available as a stand alone service for in-person or virtual meetings.

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