Custom In-House Training For Your Teams

NEW** Inhouse Training


Intended Audience
Cleaning staff working in households, schools, hotels, villas, restaurants and workplaces.

This workshop aims to equip cleaning staff with the knowledge and skills to safely clean areas to the required standard.
– Best cleaning practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19
– Correct use of cleaning products, equipment, tools
– Procedures for effective cleaning and disinfection
– Correct use of chemicals and potential hazards
– Using personal protective equipment
– General hotel/household/classroom/office/bathroom area cleaning
– Handling Bloodborne Pathogens

The course will be presented using a combination of lectures, videos and experiential or practical activities to be completed by participants working as individuals . The methodology employed will allow for learning to take place in an environment that meets the protocols for operating safely with risks from COVID-19.

Programme Delivery
Modules delivered in person by 2 facilitators. Social distancing and COVID-19 protocols to be observed.

We can also help you create the protocols and procedures to meet health authority requirements and consistent cleaning practices for your workplace or household.